Mel Sokotch

Can 1/4 second make a difference?

One of the points consistently made here is that in our increasingly cluttered media environment, less is more than it ever was. Here are findings from 3 studies that make the point well:
  • According to a NYTimes report on Internet speed, a Microsoft engineer finds that a website taking as little as 250 milliseconds more load time than its competition will be visited less often. That's ΒΌ of a second; less than the blink of an eye. Hard to believe, but apparently true.
  • A study from Dynamic Logic finds that the most effective banner ads get right to the point; the least effective are those that involve a reveal, a few clicks to get to the pay off. Should be obvious, but often overlooked.
  • And from a dated but still relevant study from Ipsos/ASI on the impact TV commercials based on length: a 15 second commercial typically delivers 75% of the effectiveness of a 30. This makes perfect sense: shorter messages are easier to comprehend--they require less memory and less work
  • Patience may still be a virtue in some quarters, but not in marketing: consumers want their websites fast and their ads short, and that means the marketer who delivers a compelling story in less time has the advantage. 
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