Mel Sokotch

The importance of the order in which your ad appears

Let's say you're running a national TV campaign. That likely means you've got a schedule on cable TV. And that means every hour your commercial airs, it's got lots company, maybe 40 other commercials.  

No, that's not a typo. 


The typical cable program contains about 40-42 minutes of programming, 18-20 minutes of ads. That can mean 40 ads or more. And if the program is a re-run, like Law & Order, the commercial pods in the second half can include as many as 10 commercials. 

OK, let's say your spot is in 6th position of an 8-commercial pod.  How much impact can your spot possibly deliver?  Common sense suggests not much.  Research confirms it. See the results from a Nielsen study: 

The lesson: Don't get stuck in the back of a crowd.  And if you do, don't pay very much. 

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