Mel Sokotch


Since leaving the big-agency business, Sokotch has provided advice and council to both clients and agencies. Here are his areas of special expertise:
  • Helping brands build effective positioning. The best positioning compels action, differentiates from competition, withstands attack, and is brief enough to be easily remembered. Building effective positioning takes discipline and ruthlessness. Ruthlessness because good points must always be left behind. Sokotch has developed an efficient, common-sense process that leverages the best in-house knowledge with a clear-eyed assessment of the competitive landscape, and pits the best options against real-world benchmarks before for the "winner" is chosen.
  • Providing sounding-board advice at critical decision points in the campaign development process. There are literally hundreds of issues along the way to effective advertising, but some are far more critical than others, such as: approving creative strategy; choosing test campaigns; how to test them; how to interpret the results; choosing a director; choosing the talent; encouraging serendipity; viewing a rough cut. Sokotch can provide objective, unemotional advice at any of these critical steps.
  • Helping agencies develop thought-leadership initiatives that attract new business. Winning new clients from scratch is about the hardest thing to do in the agency business. Most clients won't look at the agency that doesn't have relevant experience. But the fact is, most agency experience is readily transferable. How then to get that introductory meeting? One way is to conduct an original study that examines an issue important to the client industry. Most clients, and most client trade organizations, will open their doors to new agencies that bring them useful, rigorously developed insights. Sokotch can help identify a study topic, lead the research, and recommend how to get it seen.
To learn more, hit contact and shoot me an email, or call me at 917-328-7256.

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