Mel Sokotch

"Lunch & Learn" Seminars

The best way to learn is in small chunks. That's why each of these seminars run about 2 hours. After the seminar, Sokotch will make several hours available for advice and council to individuals with specific issues.

  • Brand Positioning Backwards & Forwards. Building an effective marketing program is next to impossible without first building an effective positioning to guide the many players involved. The most effective positionings meet four criteria: they motivate action, differentiate from competition, withstand attack, and are brief enough to be easily remembered. The best way to learn how is by "going to school" on well-positioned brands. We'll deconstruct the campaigns of several great brands down to their positioning statements, then we'll identify which part of the statement the marketer focused on, and we'll see how they applied it across multiple channels.
  • How to position brands that are 3rd, 4th or 5th to market. Nothing beats the first-mover advantage of introducing a new brand that's also a new category. Amazon, Viagra, Oreo, Pampers--all first, and still number one. But, obviously, most brands are not first to market. Their challenges are very different. We'll deconstruct how successful later-to-market brands positioned themselves against trail-blazing competition. You'll see a clear, unmistakable pattern. They targeted smaller audiences with narrower messages, yet became big brands.
  • Great lessons from the Great Recession. Rahm Emanuel talks about "never letting a Great Recession go to waste." Well, in the marketing business, the Great Recession has taught valuable lessons about how to do much more with much less. Great commercials are now getting produced for under $100k. Great research is getting done leveraging DYI on-line services for as little as 10% the cost of the traditional providers. Do you need a custom segmentation study for $250million or can you leverage your media agency's syndicated resources. Why do focus groups in three disparate cities when people in the neighborhood experience the same issues? Do you need a print shoot or can you grab an image from Google images? There are many more. This lunch & learn pays for itself, or your money back.
 For detail, fees, availabilities, call me at 917-328-7256, or hit contact and shoot me an email.
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